About DreamNavigation

Aims of DreamNavigation

The dawn of modern Japan and its internationalization has been started from Yokohama, a major city in Kanagawa, by the opening Japan to the U.S. in accordance with the treaty of peace and amity between Japan and the U.S. in 1854 and the opening five ports including Yokohama to other nations conforming to the treaty of amity and commerce between Japan and five nations signed in 1859 in the Ansei-era. The culture imported from abroad has been spread to all over the nation, which made it possible for Japan to mark its first step into the international society.

Now, Kanagawa Prefecture has a population of over 9 millions, including 170,000 people from abroad, which allows the people in Kanagawa to expose themselves to different races and cultures in their workplaces, schools, and communities on daily basis. We believe that the mutual understanding and cooperation in this society would be the origin of the international understanding and the peace all over the world. This society will surely be the ideal place to realize the multi-cultural peace society and to educate people to consider and respect others, the attitude needed for all people.

The prefecture has already carried out many international exchange and cooperation policies in economy, tourism, and environment, however, we still need to develop and expand international cooperation in education, arts, and sports.

DreamNavgation will plan and carry out international cooperation programs in education, arts, and sports to develop further international friendship with nations and cities all over the world, including Maryland in the U.S, Liaoning in China, and Gyeonggi-do in Korea designated as friendly cities in Kanagawa.

First of all, we aims at conducting projects for international friendship and cooperation to educate young people to work for international society by developing their linguistic and communication skills and teaching them appropriate manners so that other nations could understand and trust Japan further and Japan would extend its international presence.

For people in Kanagawa, we’ll work to realize the international friendship and cooperation where they can take part and recognize their counterparts through projects which can continue for a long time involving people into international society and allowing them to feel close to different cultures.

We’ve supported public high schools in Kanagawa to communicate with their sister schools in abroad and the choral festival for international friendship in Yokohama by sending people and goods as a public corporation. From now on, we DreamNavigation will make efforts to extend international cooperation in the community and to promote international understanding for the young and the people in Kanagawa as well as to realize the true multi-cultural society as a special non profit organization.

Takao Fujimura
Representative founder of DreamNavigation, a non profit organization